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How to Plan a Stag Do?

How to plan a stag do - stag vip

Based on my several years of experience organizing stag dos, I can state that I have encountered numerous positive and negative examples related to the organization.

Usually the best men sned me an inquiry during the first stage of planning, typically organizing their first stag do or having no experience with it. This is the easier version, as they completely rely on my organizing experience and do not come up with a ready-made idea, which sometimes, unfortunately, turns out to be incorrect.

how to plan a stag do - STAG VIP

In every case, the interests and wishes of the group must be taken into account, as what may be good for one person (the best man) may not necessarily be suitable for everyone. There was a case where a significant part of the group did not like the abundance of stripper girls that the best man ordered for almost every activity.

It was very uncomfortable for us as the organizing company, as we had arranged everything under the assumption that the entire group had agreed. Of course, surprises can be included in the activities; it's not ideal to plan a bachelor party with every detail discussed in advance.

It would lose the spontaneity of the event. After all, it's just a party, isn't it?

how to plan a stag do - STAG VIP

Below, you can read about what I consider to be the most important steps when you are the best man and want to organize a stag do for your friend. Here are the top 10 things to do and avoid when organizing a bachelor party, whether in Budapest or in other destinations.

How to plan a Stag Do - TOP 10 CHECKLIST

1. Timing is crucial - How to plan a stag do

Try not to approach us at the last minute to organize the bachelor party. While the first year after Covid was quite usual, it's better to have ample time.

2. Flight and accommodation come first - How to plan a stag do

Please assist us by providing the exact date and time of the bachelor party. This helps us plan ahead. It's advisable to book everything at least 2 months before the trip.

3. Always ask the other group members - How to plan a stag do

Communication is very important about the activities they would like to participate in. The stag do is not just about the groom; this is always important to consider.

4. Investigate what kind of erotic activities can be involved - How to plan a stag do

Always ask what kind of stripper activities the groom is comfortable with. We've encountered groups where the strippers were not to the groom's liking, and it was awkward for him.

5. Set a budget - How to plan a stag do

Clarify at the beginning how much money the group has for the activities. We are flexible regarding pricing, but excessive haggling should be avoided. This is your friend's last night of freedom; you want him to enjoy it, right?

6. Communicate with the entire group - How to plan a stag do

Establish a group chat to ensure everyone is on the same page. Discuss the activities, the preferred day, and the starting time. This makes our job easier, and we are flexible with minor changes.

7. Keep in touch with the organizer - How to plan a stag do

In this case, me, as the company's lead organizer. Inform me of any changes in the group size or chosen activities.

8. Ensure the bachelor party is more than just drinking - How to plan a stag do

Choose activities that bond the group, such as group challenges. These will be the real memories, not just the moments when you got drunk.

9. Select a common costume or symbol - How to plan a stag do

This is what distinguishes your group. It will bring the stag group together and become a memorable symbol for future reflections.

10. Think big, be creative - How to plan a stag do

Always try to organize as many activities as possible for the bachelor party. The more activities, the more positive memories. Remember, the organizer is your friend, the local best man. Never forget that.

I hope I have summarized the most important tasks and things to avoid to consider when organizing a bachelor party. The rest is our job!

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